Saturday, July 18, 2020

Daddy, I Double-Dog Dare You To Be Positive!

There seem to be many things in life that pull a person down, sometimes even other people. Annabelle will be coming into the world soon, and while I am extremely excited to be a Dad, other people can encourage or possibly even discourage a person. In the world today, it is definitely hard to keep one’s head up, especially with all the negativity perpetuated in the media and then again by individuals on social media interjecting their opinions on every topic possible.

I seek to look forward to the birth of my daughter, and in the midst of uncertain times, my nerves sometimes get the best of me. The littlest of worries can start to snowball and then cause a mountainous volume of negative thoughts caused by the daunting anxieties that exist right in front of me. Society does not tend to help these circumstances because media seems to thrive on making people feel afraid. I have never really understood that approach to news outlet rhetoric where experts think ratings depend on generating fear into the souls of other people. All the major news media outlets seem to do it, and I am convinced it is not a healthy approach to messages being sent to the general population at large. Making people afraid for the sake of self-gains does not sound like an approach to truth that honors God.  

I desire that Annabelle comes into a safe world where she feels safe at home. Perhaps that is the primary responsibility of a parent – to keep a child from harm, no matter how that looks like. I suppose that is where faith comes in. We pray. We learn. We know that God is looking out for us, no matter what circumstances surround us. By having faith in him, we then begin to have faith in ourselves as well.

I want to be a positive synergy source for the people around me, fundamentally and most importantly for my daughter, so that she feels the light of Christ in her soul with the abundance of hope positivity brings. That is my deepest desire for both me as a leader and future father.  

(*Many thanks to Ysabella Jones for the wonderful portrait session.)


  1. Thanks for the encouragement today James. I also want to be an example of Christ's love towards all people, especially with those that disagree with me. It is role modeling that is rarely shown on TV, Facebook, or the News. Love your leadership and desiring to bring all things under the leadership of Christ for the sake of your own emotions and those that you lead.

    In Him,

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