Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Babies Are Hard Work! The Annabelle Train Is Coming! ….A Miracle To Be Cherished!

Even before Annabelle arrives as a real live person at birth, we have been preparing for what seems like months for her. Getting her nursery ready and having all the necessary baby products prepped becomes all-encompassing in terms of the time commitments to come. After moving into a new bigger apartment, my Dad spent hours with Lisa assembling all box-ready-made nursery furniture delivered from Graco’s manufacturer lines. My Mom also worked extensively cleaning and organizing our new home to make sure it was spotless and ready for our little baby girl. 

However upon her delivery, I cannot help but think there will be an experienced pride and joy unlike any feeling ever before encountered in my existence. I am trying to mitigate my own expectations without really trying to expect anything in my own preconceived notions. In other words, our preconceptions can sometimes disappoint us or maybe, on the other hand, even exceed our expectations. I personally think it is best to enjoy each moment coming without preparing too much for the future. One cannot imagine the arrival of a firstborn child. One can only embrace it with the immaculate conception of a child of God coming to their earthly home.  

While I am not the usual person with a type one personality to let go of life so easily, I think the approach to letting go and trusting makes raising children more blessed. When consumed by worries that typically no one has control over, the gratefulness to simply have a beautiful child can be overlooked by focusing on the things that never will be. Sometimes we give the most attention to those thoughts and things that absorb all our energies to zap the good that remains before our very own eyes in the present. There is good in the creation that we currently stand in, and a child is no miracle that should easily be taken for granted or overlooked by anxious afterthoughts. A child is a miracle meant to be cherished. And that is the reality that parents should focus on most.  

(*Many thanks to Ysabella Jones for the wonderful portrait session.)

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