Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Poetry Book Publication Announcement (Available For Purchase) – All His Gifts: Poems on Love, Life, Loss

Even though this poetry collection has been finished with only a few suggested edits left to complete, this book sat on a shelf for approximately two years. Endorsements had been collected, and the foreword had even been written by Dr. Eric Hauser.

If a reading audience cannot enjoy the words of an author’s major work, then the potential to impact a life and possibly change it for the better will never occur. So, eventually, after I realized unread words were no good to anyone, I sought to finish and publish my latest fourth major anthology of poetry, All His Gifts, for its recent market release.  

While finding hope in the love I developed for my wife, Lisa, All His Gifts chronicles my personal journey experiencing loss amidst self-discovery of lessons learned of what would shape me into the person I am today. Even with setbacks and turmoil, eventually, the celebration of life's best moments outshines the doubts that sometimes linger in our souls. The light triumphs to bring forth beautiful imagery in a sea of revealed irony through the formation of a new spiritual identity.     

I invite you to join me on this exploration where poetic words serve as my voice in overcoming difficult situations. Hope eventually resounds as God’s Good Graces become evident through a burgeoning romance that leads to marriage and inevitably the birth of my beautiful daughter, named Annabelle Merci. The words of this book will resonate with a devout believer of Jesus Christ or anyone who appreciates the expression of creative words. Dive in; cuddle up in a warm blanket next to the fire in the coolness of this fall season; and realize that love and loss combined define the greatest moments life has to offer us!

I owe many thanks to Wally and Betty Turnbull of Light Messages Publishing. This book project would not have come to its completion without their assistance to make it a reality. I want to also express my gratitude to Teri McLaren for permission to use her beautiful artwork on the book cover (from the Teton Valley in Driggs, Idaho). Naturally, I wish to give thanks to God for giving me the means and relationships to traditionally publish this book.   

If interested in purchasing my new book, please visit the Amazon listing here with this link. If you enjoy the read, please leave a positive review for others to observe and appreciate.

Here are some blurb-endorsements of praises for what other known authors, speakers, and public figures are saying about All His Gifts.

“When I first met James at The Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit, he was generous and kind, and I have seen James grow both as a person and writer since that first meeting. His writing is honest, and the sacrificial love he has for his wife, Lisa, is evident. Love prevails in the face of adversity, and James’s love is raw as he agonizes through depression and failures to express the feelings we all face in life. I relate to his creativity, and I am convinced all readers will feel his expressions on a deeply personal and relevant level as I have.”

—John Sowers, Ph.D., Author of The Heroic Path and Fatherless Generation

“Stephen King described writing as refined thinking. If that is true, then poetry must be refined feeling. Christian poetry is considered by some to be a lost art, but in All His Gifts: Love, Life, Loss, James Cartee bares his soul without an ounce of self-consciousness through this moving collection of southern fried slam poetry. This time-jumping collection touches on everyday themes experienced in life by all readers. I felt the pain, sorrow, and happiness of the author in his personal walk with Christ, and, for a brief moment, I even knew what it was like to be James Cartee.”

—Justin Gabriel, Author of Kings of the Promised Land

“‘Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced’ says Soren Kierkegaard. The living of life is seasoned by times of pain, joy, betrayal, loss, and love. James Cartee opens his heart and mind, inviting his readers along his intimate journey as he explores the path God laid before him. Throughout, he celebrates the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful moments. With his words, he weaves a tapestry of human existence, reminding us all that heartbroken tears and the heart-skipping beat of love-at-first-sight exist seconds away from each other. His message rings true and clear. Though the path may be bumpy, God stays with us on the ride, offering his great gifts of love, hope, and rest in Him.”

—Donna Mumma, B.A.E., M.Ed, Writer

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Marriages Vows, Blessed Reminders, and Blissful Wonders

Each passing day I cannot help but stare into the eyes of my beautiful Annabelle, thinking “I must be the luckiest man on Earth to have you as a daughter!” This routine gesture constantly reminds me that she was birthed from the love of a dear and blessed marriage to an amazing woman, my wife, Lisa Joy Cartee. In these moments of blissful wonder, I often go back to read my marriage vows that were recited at our wedding party, ceremony, and reception in May of 2017.

These vows serve as a keepsake of unity and a reminder of God’s grace when I met Lisa for the first time. Sometimes, amidst a crazy busy day, I intentionally take a minute to reflect and remember that our most precious gifts should not be taken for granted. The past defines who we eventually become up to the present. We, as individuals, cannot forget those who stood by us with unflinching certainty and sound dedication when we needed a support system during adverse times. These are the folks we should keep around for many decades to come. In addition to my immediate family, that special someone for me is Lisa, who eventually birthed my next favorite extraordinary person, Annabelle Merci Cartee.   

For your viewing pleasure, please read the following marriage vows.

Marriage Vows – James and Lisa Cartee

Saturday, May 20, 2017

“To those of you attending today, thank you for coming. Thank you for supporting and believing in this marriage.

For as long as my affections for Lisa have existed, she never, and I mean never gave up on me. Her persistence is one of her most captivating qualities. It was I, James L. Cartee, III, who wanted to let go. Lisa would not have it. She would not let go of who she called ‘her best friend.’

While one might say the boy wins over the girl, here in this story, the girl won over the boy. And that devotion would be the reason that my life changed forever!

In life, I often talk of things I should have done before my present age, such as obtaining a doctoral degree, which is a destructive and negative exercise to be so self-critical. However recently these thoughts seem to be less and less. If anything in the timeline of my life had shifted in a different direction, I would not have met the best part – Lisa Joy Cartee. Things do indeed happen in God’s good timing.

That sometimes feels like where my real story began, the day I knew Lisa was the one. Of course, do remember how hard she fought for me. Any woman that fights that long and hard is one worth having.

Therefore I will thank God daily for His Grace, His Mercy, and His Willingness to bless me with Lisa. I have walked through the darkest of mental valleys where no light seemed present in a cave that never ended. As uncertain temptations clouded my mind, Lisa shined, sometimes as a lightning bug, sometimes as an oncoming train. She pulled me out of the darkness where eventually I embraced the light once again. One step, one day at a time, Lisa was the constant reminder of God’s eternal love. In the dimness of a perfect night storm at sea, Lisa was the lighthouse that brought my sinking sailboat back to shore.

Like my Cartee clan of support, Lisa serves as an example and driving force of why I continue on those down days. She gives me hope that everything will be okay. Lisa remains calm and courageous. She cares for the welfare of those suffering with compassion and never-ending patience. With both a beautiful spirit and figure, Lisa is my wife, my prayer partner, my best friend, and my teammate. With God by our side, we are unstoppable! We are champions destined for greatness and abundant blessings! Like Lisa fought for me in my most desperate hour, I love her, and I am here with her until the end of the line.”  

For a flashback on this special day, these are some photos from the wonderful marriage occasion! 

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