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Published Books By James L. Cartee, III

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All His Gifts - Poems on Love, Life, Loss

With his most recent poetry book release titled All His Gifts, James L. Cartee, III vividly illustrates the emotions of personal setbacks, valleys of despair, and triumphant celebrations. The narratives we recall and experience through the journey of life truly represent a gift from the Good Lord Above. While both love and loss may not always be perceived as blessings, they embody our existence as human beings with a soul meant for eternal purposes. This specific book is dedicated to James’s wife, Lisa Cartee.

Twenty-Three Deeply Rooted Confessions

James L. Cartee, III shares his photographic eye and poet's heart in this updated third edition. Each original black and white photograph is paired with a poem composed by the author. The poems are unfiltered in their emotion - be it love, isolation, anger, or acceptance, the reader becomes a confidant as Cartee shares his deeply rooted confessions.

Thirty-Five Virtuous Blueprints

James L. Cartee, III follows up his first book of black and white photography and poetry, Twenty-Three Deeply Rooted Confessions, with this similar study in full color. An original color photo accompanies each of his poems with additional photos included from some of the author's travels. As with his first book, Cartee lays bare his soul in these missives, and provides the reader with what will most likely be shared experiences of the human condition.

Eighteen Blessed Detours

James L. Cartee, III offers readers another peek through his photo lens and into his heartfelt thoughts - this time as a displaced person. After moving from familiar surroundings and the network of support he had grown used to, the author finds himself struggling to orient himself in his new world. A delicate psyche can make adjusting to anything new a bit of a struggle but Cartee uses introspection, writing, faith, and his talent as a photographer to find his way. Every life has "detours" and it is how those struggles shape us that define our future lives. James Cartee offers his struggles in Eighteen Blessed Detours for the reader to find both common ground and hope for the future.