Friday, October 16, 2020

Relying on God Time and Time Again, We Celebrate Camille’s Arrival!

-Guest Blog Entry by Manny Negron 

My name is Manny Negron, and I have two children, with one being recently born, which I will tell you about through this entry. When James approached me about writing a guest blog entry, I was not sure what to think, however I was honored. James and I have been friends for several years now, first meeting during our time together working for the American Cancer Society. Both James and I have strong bonds with our newborn daughters. Perhaps these daughters will also one day meet.

Wow! I never imagined that my family of three would soon become a family of four, especially during the current pandemic. The joys of being present with my wife at doctor visits, taking one step at a time side-by-side, was taken from me in early March because of COVID-19. She had to go at it alone. I was temporarily able to join my wife for the first sonogram to see our daughter, but that would be the last time I was with my wife until our daughter was born on September 10th. Even then, at the actual birth, I was not sure I would be in the delivery room with her due to present restrictions. It was a play-by-ear scenario.

After experiencing two miscarriages, this father worried every time my wife went to an appointment, and I wanted to be there for her. I have come to a place in my faith with confidence that God was with my wife and our daughter in her womb, no matter what happened. From the middle of the second trimester to the delivery date, my wife battled gestational diabetes and had to give herself insulin. My wife was therefore considered a high-risk pregnancy. There were many times that we would end up going to the emergency room (ER), which often turned into some false alarms. Because of our history and the high-risk pregnancy, we would go to the ER just to be cautious if anything appeared to be out-of-the-ordinary. The pregnancy challenged my wife in many ways. She experienced extreme nausea during the first trimester. There were times I felt so bad for her because everything was beyond our control. However, one must remember that God is always in control!


We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am because we were not sure if my wife would need a C-section or not. She could also potentially deliver naturally. Throughout the pregnancy, our little girl was a mover, wiggling in the womb. She would be in the correct position, a diagonal position, or wiggle into a transverse position. The day before delivery she was in the correct position, but within 24 hours, she had moved into the diagonal position (flipping somersaults with force). C-section it is then! They took my wife back to prep her before surgery. I waited for the nurse to come get me. I am extremely grateful I experienced the opportunity to be with my wife during this procedure. I could finally stand by her side and show my spousal support. I sat up near my wife’s head as I noticed her body move. The doctors pulled and pushed on her body in every direction, eventually delivering our daughter. Finally, at 2:53 pm on September 10, Camille Elise Negron was born. When we heard that first cry, I also cried with butterflies in my stomach and joy in my heart.

After our daughter delivered, we still faced COVID-19 policies. Due to these restrictions, I was not able to follow our baby into the nursery area for her first bath and first initial exams at the hospital. I made my way to our room, where I would sit alone and wait for my wife to come out of the operating room. Then our baby girl would also soon come to us. Finally, after one hour, my wife was brought into our room for rest and recovery. Shortly after my wife’s arrival, our daughter also joined us.

We are home and still having to face precautions with present COVID-19 conditions. When some friends came to drop off presents for the baby, we were actually exposed to these individuals who tested positive for the virus. Bringing a new life into the world is definitely scary in the current conditions, and we must make sure our children stayed protected against this illness. In these moments where worries arise, I rely on my faith time and time again. I believe and know God is with us and that He protects us always! Like the birth of every child, my life changed in the moment I met Camille, my new daughter, for the first time.   

-       - Manny Negron

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